SportsEngine Registration: Ice Den Scottsdale

2024 CAHL Scottsdale Spring/Summer Season





Individual Player Registration

Registration fees will increase as season approaches. See registration dates and fees below.

PAYMENT PLAN:  Fees are divided into installments with the first installment to be collected online today upon conclusion of this registration session via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. The remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on scheduled dates.

Payment Plan*
$100 due upon registration
2nd payment due on May 15
3rd/Final payment due on June 15

*Please Be Advised:
A one-time $10.00 payment plan service fee will be added to all payment plans. 

Payment plan registration fee players with balances prior to a team’s next scheduled game will not be allowed on the ice. All player accounts must be current to be eligible to play. 

One discount per registration transaction.
*Players who attempt to combine discounts on a transaction will be invoiced for any funds not approved for discount,

There will be a $20 processing fee on any refund transactions required due to registration errors.
Including failure to secure discount codes or registering under incorrect payment method.


3/8-3/10 $495 Paid in Full (No Discounts) $27.50
3/11-3/17 $525 *In Full/Payment Plan $29.17
3/18-3/24 $550 *In Full/Payment Plan $30.56
3/25-3/31 $575 *In Full/Payment Plan $31.94
4/1-4/6 $600 *In Full/Payment Plan $33.33
4/7+ $650 *In Full/Payment Plan $36.11
Prior to 4/1 $250 Goalie PPO $13.89
Prior to 4/1 - Code Required $275 Captain PPO $15.28
Prior to 4/1 - Code Required $300 Half Season Sub Package $33.33

TEAM FEES ($6,925):
Players on teams that opt for Team Fee payment - after registering the Team Captain will receive a code from the CAHL Commissioner to share with team roster for approved players to register.

Do not register for Team Fee without Team Code.


20 $346.25 $19.24
19 $364.47 $20.25
18 $384.72 $21.38
17 $407.35 $22.63
16 $432.81 $24.05
15 $461.67 $25.65
14 $494.64 $27.48
13 $532.69 $29.60

USA Hockey Requirement

Current USA Hockey Membership is mandatory.

If you do not hold a current USA Hockey Membership or need to look up your membership number visit the USA Hockey website and then return to this Registration Session to signup for the 2024 CAHL Season.

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received/located in Step 1.

Players may experience technical difficulties if left until the last minute due to national demand on the USA Hockey site. CAHL registration fee pricing will not be adjusted to accommodate USA Hockey Membership timing. All players MUST have current/active USA Hockey number prior to first game - no exceptions.

There will be a $20 processing fee on any refund transactions required due to registration errors. Including failure to secure discount codes or registering under incorrect payment method.

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your  American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available. 

  • Players must provide proof of USA Hockey membership to register.
  • Please do NOT register until you have been invited to join a team. There is no guarantee you will be placed.
  • Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from Coyotes Ice, LLC/Ice Den Scottsdale.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Jordan Nahmias

Manager of Rink Programming | Coyotes Adult Hockey League